parkinsons home careservice
Parkinson’s is a difficult, chronic condition that can put a lot of strain on individuals and families. At BBHC, we know how hard it can be to communicate your needs. Shaking and shuffling are commonly identified Parkinson’s symptoms, but for patients, the internal experience dealing with them comes with unseen challenges. Our skilled and compassionate care providers can relieve many of the strains of managing daily life with this difficult disease. We can help you with exercise, cooking home meals and helping you to relax. Most importantly, we can be there for you to talk through the growing limitations of your body and how to navigate them.
We can offer feedback on posture, gait and facial expression. BBHC staff have a good understanding of the perplexing impacts from this disease. The supports we provide includes:


  • Meal planning and nutritional guidance to minimize symptoms
  • Transportation and companionship during health appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Supervision at home to observe unsteady gait or other troublesome patterns for improvement
  • Daily mobility exercises for those who need help with bathing, dressing or using the bathroom
  • Walking partner who is sensitive to slower pace that comes with neuromuscular problems
  • Stretching and accompanying you to yoga classes to preserve or restore muscle elasticity
  • Caregiver relief for family members
  • Among others depending on your care plan.