BBHC staff understand how important daily monitoring and lifestyle changes are to prevent high blood pressure from leading to stroke, heart attack, or even death. We help families assess the kind of stresses people with hypertension might be dealing with, and we help with daily habits that reduce stress and promote relaxation. We also help you deal with medication side effects by keeping you on a steady routine and making sure you stay adequately hydrated. Your best care is the one that is customized to your circumstance and medical condition. We offer support and advice for families who want to alleviate or prevent further complications from high blood pressure. The changes we can help you make include:


  • A light exercise routine with stretching exercises to promote flexibility and circulation
  • Shopping and errands when you aren’t able
  • Dietary advice and coordination of healthy meals
  • Emotional support, including phone calls to help with goals
  • Medication management reminders
  • Among others depending on your care plan.

We will also work with your physical therapist on a rehabilitation plan to correct deficits or cognitive issues resulting from a stroke.