Chronic pain is a daunting problem that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis are common causes of pain in North America. Both can be incredibly frustrating as the cause is not always known. Daily tasks can become a mountainous challenge. To make things worse, doctors understand very little about chronic pain or how to treat it, mostly reverting to drug regimens that suppress symptoms. These measures are mostly temporary and can lead to significant side effects, including addiction.

The good news is that leading a full life is possible with just a little bit of help. Many with chronic pain also suffer from depression and may not realize how alleviating depression may also ease pain. Our caring staff are important allies in your care. We help alleviate the challenges of arthritis and osteoarthritis with the goal of easing the burdens of disease and helping your pain. Among the possibilities are:


  • Cooking with fun recipes together or chopping vegetables
  • Household chores such as sweeping or light cleaning
  • Running an errand when you cannot
  • Clothes shopping, with or without you
  • Laundry services
  • Recreational activities.