Alzheimer’s and Dementia are challenging cognitive diseases to manage on your own. People who have family to help do better, but the stress for the family may be significant enough to interfere with total quality of life. Connecting with BBHC’s trained professionals can ease the burden of cognitive disease. More than half of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia prefer living in home settings. Nursing homes are not the ideal setting for warding-off symptoms nor for strengthening cognitive function. Many do realize you can bring in a home care professional for a fraction of the cost.


Let us help facilitate a sense of normalcy in your home setting. We know how emotionally demanding it can be to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia, and because stress aggravates symptoms, it must be mitigated at every opportunity. BBHC provides cognitive support and coping mechanisms while boosting spirits with warm and friendly care. Our professional providers remain attentive to changes in behavior and diminished memory or reasoning capacities, and we keep your family informed. The simplest things can make the biggest difference. Among the benefits to hiring a BBHC care professional are:


  • Stress reduction that comes with your loved one safe & cared for
  • Engagement in conversation to supports brain function
  • Social activities that foster a sense of community belonging
  • Nutritious meals that meet dietary guidelines
  • Exercises to stimulate the mind and mood
  • Encouraging behavior changes that lift mood and promote a positive attitude
  • Training and support eases family life for everyone involved.