Making Sure My Patient Is Well Cared For

Is Home Care Right For Me?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when help is needed at home. Perhaps you or a loved one is aging or experiencing some challenges, and you want to know what your options are. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to consider whether home care is right for you.

Do you have difficulty with basic household tasks such as laundry, cooking or cleaning?

Is bathing a challenge? Or dressing, due to limited movement?

Could you use help getting in and out of bed?

Do you worry or get anxious when you’re home alone? Do you feel safe?

Do members of your family show signs of fatigue or overwhelm in trying to accommodate you?

Do you feel guilty, or hesitant, to reach out to your loved one for help? Do you some times go without essential needs to avoid being a burden?

Are you isolated physically from friends or family? Live further away than you’d like?

Do you have trouble swallowing?

Do you tend to forget your medication, or get the dosages mixed up?

Do you ever notice pain in your chest, or do you have trouble breathing?

Do you fall frequently? Are you not able to live independently?

Do you have trouble operating your ventilator?

Are you using a mobility device you could use help with?


Did you say yes to any of these questions? Then take advantage of BBHC’s free consultation today.

You are not alone in determining if home care is right for you. Your free initial consultation with one of BBHC’s caring and professional RNs will help you understand if your concerns can be alleviated with home care services. You don’t have to be very senior or frail to require home support. Perhaps you’ve had a fall, an injury or stroke. Maybe you struggle with a neurological condition or chronic illness. In home support is life-changing. BBHC services can reduce the stress that comes with depending on a family member or making do on your own.

For Family Members

Calling an assisted-living service might feel like a betrayal of our loved one’s need for autonomy and respect. We understand, and it’s important to remember that using a service like BBHC is precisely the decision that will permit continued independence. Taking care of an aging or ailing parent, friend or relative can tax any relationship. We are here to support the total health of your entire family. Our Respite Care helps family caregivers find peace of mind as your loved one is supported while you take time away for your outside interests, activities and obligations. You will love knowing your loved one has the companionship and care they deserve.