If this is the first time you’ve considered home care services for your loved one, you’re probably curious about how it works. The good news is that working with us is very easy and seamless. Here is the general procedure:

1. Initial Call and Meeting

When you contact us, you’ll speak with a dedicated client services manager who will be happy to discuss your specific needs, desires and goals – as well as your worries – in detail.

Our highly skilled RN will then visit your home at no cost to meet you and your family. While there we discuss your needs, goals and questions. Together, we discuss which services might suit you best and speak with your insurance company to verify coverage and uncover any other policy requirements. Next, we take into consideration any coordination of care issues and communication or support needs with extended family members and loved ones.

2. Customized Care Plan

We work closely with you, any other family members providing care and your loved one’s physician to create a customized plan. This care plan can be updated as care needs evolve.

3. Caregiver Matching

We match you or your loved one with a caregiver who has the skills and personality to best support your goal requirements. We consider dozens of attributes in matching you with the right caregiver so you can enjoy their company.

4. Personalized Care Delivery

Our RN orients your loved one’s care team to their needs. As part of our care delivery, we do continual reassessments of your loved one’s needs to ensure that they are always with the right caregiver that is fully trained for your individual and evolving needs.

5. Advocate and Communicate

We handle your insurance calls and applicable paperwork, ensuring you get the maximum financial benefits your coverage allows. We also keep your family and other health care professionals updated as needed while remaining accessible 24 hours a day.

It all starts with your free no obligation consultation and in-home assessment.


Lucy S.

Thank you for everything! I want you to know that I appreciate the way that you care. I always have and I always will. I only wish you the best! 

Meredith S.

I'm so proud to say that I work for Boynton Beach Home Care since 2006 and I really love the way they make you feel like a big family! They're not only there for their employees, but also their patients. BBHC is an amazing agency! I love you guys!