Boynton Beach Home Care - Perfectly Tailored Senior Home Care
Boynton Beach Home Care - Perfectly Tailored Senior Home Care

Boynton Beach Home Care has been serving residents in their homes for over 15 years. Dedicated to providing the best possible care, our staff receive ongoing professional development training while adhering to the highest standards. Our caregivers are reputed for their friendliness, diverse skill set, empathy and warmth.

Following are aspects of our services that we believe make us stand apart from the rest:

  1. Personalized Care

          Our plans are tailored to your goals and needs and include intake and safety assessments by an RN, scheduling, family advocacy and general oversight of care.

 2.  All-inclusive Care

          Our full-service packages include anything and everything you need. Let our experienced team address every aspect of your care, from in-home visits and phone calls to medical supply management. We possess access to a vast and well-regarded affiliate network, so we can connect you with whoever you might need.

3.  Skilled & Compassionate Caregivers

           We are very strict and selective in our hiring practices. Our practitioners have years of clinical and ICU experience under their belt and are dedicated, licensed and insured. We screen, fingerprint and carefully vet all staff; our RNs are credentialed and well trained. Still, we continue to provide ongoing education and specialized training to all our staff with ongoing supervision.

4.  Comprehensive, 24/7 Access

             There are no barriers to access of care with our firm. Our caregivers are available on-call and are compassionate, prompt and reliable. They will provide seamless coordination of care, flexible plans that allow alterations as needs change and insurance coordination. Also provided is high tech employee schedule tracking and transparent invoicing. And we will always ensure there is a back-up caregiver for your peace of mind.