Hospice Worker

The end of life or transition to end of life is not taken seriously enough in our culture, and many suffer needlessly as a result. When we are dying, we often have trouble communicating our needs and feel tremendous pressure from family and friends to fight or get well again. Not all are up to the task. People want their death, or dying, to have meaning. On our death beds we have a reckoning and a look back on our lives and we all want it to count for something.

A hospice care worker works as a sort of palliative care worker for the terminally or seriously ill. They can help with:

  • Attending to the emotional and spiritual needs of a patient, or finding a pastor;
  • Supports them with conditions that will make their life more tolerable;
  • Counsel to individuals & their families in adjusting to a diagnosis;
  • Being a rock for a patient who needs one.